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In our mission to restore the promise of community by investing with integrity, having fast and reliable access to financing is key.  Quick access to funds helps us capitalize on deals that we could not buy with the timing and delays commonly associated with the traditional loan process.  Our business model combines a couple of key factors that allow us to be successful in generating opportunities for profit.  These factors are aggressive deal finding, thorough deal analysis, skilled execution of the investing process and availability of private funds. Triad Investments uses a variety of sources for funding its real estate transactions.  One of these sources is “private investors.”  Private investors are individuals who have money they are looking to invest.  This money can currently be in a checking account, savings account, certificate of deposit (CD), the stock market, an individual retirement account (IRA), or other investment vehicle.  Regardless, our private investors seek to earn a higher return with more security for their investment than what they had previously earned through other investment vehicles.  That is why they choose to invest in our Private Investor Program.


For more information about our Private Investor Program or to become an investor, please email us at

“You guys were very professional and were able to answer all my questions. You did everything you said you would do. You have an excellent business model and I look forward to investing again.”


- Peter H., Greensboro


Restoring the promise of community by investing with integrity


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